Terms of Service

Kosh can be used in a number of ways, but it should be used to good ends. Good is not easy to define, so we'll try to approximate it by defining some practices:

  • Please don't use the content to generate and circulate misinformation.
  • We do our best to remove identifiers from the data we are sharing, but our processes may not be perfect. Please don't use the content to track or target specific individuals.
  • There is a rate limit on the API requests. If you need a large dump, or high volume of data, try not bankrupting us with pinging the servers consistently. Instead, please reach out to us at admin@tattle.co.in.
  • Please always attribute the source (Tattle or the data sources) when you share content from it. This is not only to respect the hours spent in collecting and cleaning the data. It helps in replicability and cross-verification of work.
  • Please treat this archive as a commons. If you spot any data security risks, or potential harms from the content on the archive, please reach out to us at admin@tattle.co.in